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“Toyota sees lithium-ion batteries as viable and in demand now. We’re pleased the Flux LiFT-24V-TRW battery pack testing went well.”

Toyota Material Handling


“Our business depends on being flexible to serve a wide variety of transportation and logistics needs for businesses nationwide. The company was experiencing frequent issues with battery failures and loss of power in their equipment.  Flux’s LiFT pack provided us with a great opportunity to offer our customer a solution and enabled us to stand out from the competition.”

Sue Herron, Sales Manager of Southwest Material Handling


“Flux’s portable power packs provide performance, reliability, extended life and durability that meet the needs of today’s advanced military equipment. We were sold on their experience, design and technical expertise, the overall performance of their solution and their commitment to customer support. We are pleased to partner with them to deliver an exciting new solution for Forward Operating Base power.”

Carl Pates, VP of Engineering of HDT


“The prospect of improved performance, customer satisfaction and a lower cost of ownership from lithium storage packs is a win-win for our customers. We are excited to be teaming with Flux in developing these solutions and believe they will resonate with our larger global logistics and manufacturing clients.” 

Bob Fisher, President of Wesley International


“We chose Flux for their technical expertise and responsiveness to our unique design needs for run time, charge time and hazardous environment requirements. Innovations in energy storage are allowing Penguin to bring to market new advanced telerobotics solutions for more demanding applications across multiple industries.”

Greg Baiden, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Penguin ASI


“The benefits of the Flux battery technology, in terms of size, capacity and safety, should enable better operating performance and acceptance by mine operations and unions.”

Hector Cerda, Project Manager of Emerging Technologies – Codelco

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