Flux Portable Packs are comprised of lithium-ion battery cells which are managed and operated by our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), all contained in lightweight yet rugged and easily maneuvered cases.

This unique power solution provides greatly improved levels of high energy density while maintaining lightweight mobility.  Flux Portable Packs are ideal for many industries ranging from on-location film and lighting to mission critical remote operations that require cost effective, on demand power. Flux has made it easy for those who wish to have quiet, reliable, longer lasting power without all the hassle. It delivers the most versatile and dependable solution to suite your portable power needs.

Industry uses include:  Stand-by generators, emergency power, special event power, commercial computer systems and network backup.


Designed to meet your exact needs:


The Flux Portable Pack is available as a ready-designed pack which can be ordered and will arrive literally charged and ready-to-go.

Weighing much less than traditional solutions and contained in a robust case with optional wheels to enable transport almost anywhere, you have an out-of-the-box power solution at your finger-tips.


We understand that you may have unique power configuration or operational requirements and specifications. We deploy our proven in-house engineering, technical, project management and design skills to work with you to meet your requirements.

The combination of Flux’s Lithium battery cells (compared to traditional energy source options) and Flux’s unique Battery Management System technology allow us deliver major new advantages to you in terms of portability and performance. 




  • Up to 5 times longer lifespan
  • Up to 25% longer run time
  • Higher sustained power
  • More power, more energy
  • Lighter weight – move more, faster
  • Environmentally friendlier
  • Up to 75% lower lifetime cost
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Fewer batteries needed

Take a look at the difference

More Power

More Power Graph

Provides higher operating power throughout the discharge cycle

Longer Run TimeLonger Run Time

Delivers up to 25% longer run time than lead-acid with identical amp-hour ratings

More UptimeMore Up Time

Average total uptime per day

Does not need a rest period like lead-acid

Almost doubles uptime and means fewer batteries are needed for 24/7 shifts

Longer LifespanLonger Lifespan

Lasts 5 times longer, producing 2000 cycles before battery capacity is 80% of the original size. Lead-acid reaches 80% capacity after only 400 cycles.

How Flux technology makes the difference

Battery Management System (Flux BMS)

This patented software integral to the Portable Pack ensures the battery performs at its maximum for longer run times between charges, at all times when operation (even at lower charges) and extends the total lifespan.

Lithium Ion Cells

Lithium has replaced lead-acid as the preferred technology in batteries for everything from phones to cameras. Now Flux has optimized the performance of lithium for more powerful industrial and vehicle needs.

Flux User Features

The modern clean design supports superior functionality to allow easier and more efficient use by operators.

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