Energy storage in stationary and grid configurations is being transformed by Flux Power. Through the combination of our proprietary Battery Management System technology and the natural power of lithium-ion cells, we have created the new state-of-the-art in energy storage solutions.
The Flux Stationary Energy Packs offer much greater capability than traditional Stationary and Grid solutions to capture more power and efficiently bring that to safe and effective use as and when called upon to meet a myriad of needs.
Flux Stationary Energy Packs outlast and outperform other energy storage solutions, and at much lower total cost of ownership.

Uses include:

• Peak Shaving
• Backup Power
• Renewable Energy Sources

Our transformational solutions to modern energy storage needs can be designed to be deployed in multiple environments, such as existing power rooms, in existing casings, in any rack configurations, and in demanding environments.

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Switching to Flux’s lithium energy storage based solutions brings higher efficiencies, flexibility and productivity to almost any type of requirement:
• Energy Companies
• Enterprises
• Organizations
• Institutions
• Energy Inverter Companies
• And many others

Meeting your specifications:

Flux will work with you to specify your exact requirements and to optimize our solution to best fit with your needs. Typically we will deliver solutions with requirements of up to 400V / 65 KWh.

The Next Step:

To take advantage of the global march to the advantages offered by lithium as the preferred energy storage source for many applications, please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements, and to provide more information on why Flux has uniquely developed the products and solutions to best harness lithium to achieve major improvements in stationary and grid energy storage.

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