Lithium-ion Battery for Walkie Pallet Trucks

Power your walkie pallet jacks with longer-lasting, non-toxic lithium ion batteries


Up to 5 times longer life span
Up to 25% longer run time
Higher sustained power per charge


Non-toxic, clean technology
No water maintenance
Charge anytime, anywhere


Reduce energy bills
Fewer batteries needed for multi-shifts
Fewer replacements needed


5-year warranty
Plug and play
Fast charge at any time
Easy status light display
Works in extreme temperature situations
One hour charge


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Convert to Flux Power LiFT Packs and discover the many benefits of running your walkie pallet jacks with cleaner, safer, longer-lasting lithium-ion technology.

Flux Power LiFT Packs are designed to work seamlessly with most pallet truck models, including but not limited to Crown, Toyota and Raymond.