Power your forklifts with Flux Power’s leading lithium-ion battery technology.

Go clean. Go green.

Improve your warehouse and logistics operations when you switch to lithium technology from Flux Power.

We love the low-maintenance, it’s nice not having to worry about the safety issues of lead-acid and it’s good to know Flux Power has done UL testing on the lithium packs, which gives us peace of mind. Overall, we love our LiFT Packs and won’t go back to the old lead-acid days.

Top Benefits of Using Lithium-ion to Power Forklifts and Pallet Jacks

No Water Maintenance – say goodbye to acid spills and watering schedules

Zero Emissions – no more noxious fumes with clean-running lithium-ion

Fast Charge – lithium packs from Flux Power fully charge in one to five hours, depending on size and application

Charge Anytime, Anywhere – opportunity charge your forklifts conveniently during breaks without degrading the life of the battery

Higher Performance – Lithium-ion lasts up to 25% longer per charge than traditional power sources

Plug and Play – easily convert existing forklifts and pallet jacks from lead-acid to advanced lithium-ion power packs

Longer Battery Life – Extend the lifetime usage of your industrial battery by up to 5x

Fewer Batteries Needed for Multiple Shifts – Reduce the number of batteries required for multi-shift operations

Appropriately Weighted – Lithium weighs less to help you move more, faster. Heavier equipment and applications include weighed counter-balanced lithium packs.

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