Flux battery model: LiFT-24V


FLUX LiFT Packs produce 25% longer run-times when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries with identical amp-hour ratings.

Not only are the run-times longer, the battery also lasts 5 times longer! If you are getting 500 cycles out of your current lead-acid batteries, you can expect >2000 cycles from a FLUX Lift Pack (at 80% DOD).

Longer Run TimeLonger Run Time

Longer LifespanLonger Lifespan


More Power Graph

Flux LiFT Packs have a higher operating voltage and a flat discharge curve. The battery gives more power throughout the discharge cycle so even when it’s almost empty, it still feels fully charged!


LiFT Packs don’t need a rest/cooldown period after charging like lead acid does. More uptime means Fewer batteries can be used for multiple shifts.

LiFT Packs are also completely maintenance free, and produce no dangerous gases, this all equates to savings. Combine all of this with the incredibly long cycle lifetimes and you can save up to 75% over traditional lead-acid batteries.

More UptimeMore Up Time


Maintenance Free!

Take a look at the difference

The Flux LiFT Pack advanced lithium battery reduces costs, increases run time and dramatically extends the lifespan of fork lift batteries used in the material handling equipment industry. Using patented software and lithium-ion energy storage technology, the Flux LiFT pack outlasts and outperforms lead-acid batteries.

How Flux technology makes the difference

Battery Management System (Flux BMS)

This patented software integral to the LiFT Pack ensures the battery performs at its maximum for longer run times between charges, at all times when operation (even at lower charges) and extends the total lifespan.

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Lithium-ion Cells

Lithium has replaced lead-acid as the preferred technology in batteries for everything from phones to cameras. Now Flux has optimized the performance of lithium for more powerful industrial and vehicle needs.

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Flux User Features

The modern clean design supports superior functionality to allow easier and more efficient use by operators:

  • State of Charge LED indicator
  • Low State of Charge buzzer
  • integrated charger, external charger option

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