Board of Directors


Chris Anthony, Director

Chris Anthony is founder and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Flux Power.  He also is founder and majority owner of Epic Boats, which provides recreational and competitive watercrafts, including an electric wake boarding boat.  He was co-founder and COO of Aptera Motors, Inc., a manufacturer of electric cars.

Michael Johnson, Director

Michael Johnson has been a director and the Chief Executive Officer of Esenjay Petroleum Corporation (“Esenjay Petroleum”), a Delaware company located in Corpus Christi, Texas which is engaged in the business oil exploration and production.   He is director and shareholder of Esenjay Investments LLC, a Delaware company engaged in the business of investing in companies, including the largest shareholder of Flux Power at 47% of common shares outstanding.

James Gevarges, Director

James Gevarges is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a majority owner of Current Ways, Inc., a California company engaged in the business of manufacturing chargers and other components for electric vehicles, which he founded in 2010. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University.

Ron Dutt, Director


Advisory Board


Sir Nigel Burney, Advisory Board Member

Sir Nigel Burney is an entrepreneurial investor who focuses on early stage companies.  He founded and ran a successful publishing business for over 20 years.  Sir Nigel’s hands-on experience as a venture investor, combined with his interest in cleantech and network of global business relationships, makes him an important contributor in advancing the commercialization of Flux’s lithium storage solutions in the U.S. and in Europe.

Steven Capelli, Advisory Board Member

Steven Capelli has over 20 years of experience implementing operational improvements and integrating key strategic acquisitions that resulted in sales growth and improvements in profitability.  Mr. Capelli’s senior leadership roles at Sybase and Pyramid Technology were crucial to the successful ‘turnaround’ of both and eventual sale to SAP and Siemens respectively.