Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Flux Power recently delivered an Energy Storage System (ESS) with impressive specifications.  The development and delivery of a 46-kilowatt, 48-volt lithium-iron phosphate battery array powers a state-of-the-art, three-ton robot for underground mining and civil construction.  The ESS and it’s internals can be seen to the right.

Penguin Automated Systems Inc. selected Flux Power in December 2014 to design, engineer and produce a rugged, high-voltage power solution that could meet the challenging environmental and performance requirements of remote subterranean operations.

Operation of the robot has been successful and Flux Power is well positioned to support any subsequent commercial rollouts.

The 48V/48kw system provides 800 amps continuous current, and is our highest-power solution to date, building on our 24V and 36V storage solutions developed for lift trucks, tug & tow vehicles and portable storage.

The 48V solution harnesses the same lithium technology as other FLUX packs and provides a lighter, more compact and cost effective solution than equivalent lead-acid storage alternatives. Lithium’s energy storage efficiency and density has allowed FLUX Power to deliver a 48V/48Kw solution that is less than half the size and weight of a comparable lead-acid battery, making it a critical enabling technology for state of the art robotic devices.

About Penguin Automated Systems:

Penguin Automated Systems is a research, development and prototyping company and a leading force in telerobotics. Penguin builds solutions for the most challenging underground, underwater, space and on surface applications, using a comprehensive approach to software development, systems integration and field-testing.

48V Energy Storage System


Pictured above is Flux Power’s 46-kilowatt, 48-volt lithium-iron phosphate battery array, comprised of three modules plus a charger. The (2) 24V battery modules (connected in series to achieve 48V) measure 21.875” x 43.875” x 13” and weigh 865 lbs each. The energy storage solution’s Battery Control Module (BCM) measures 18.54” x 14.27” x 4.40” and weighs 55 lbs. The Bassi charging system is pictured at the back left of the photo and is included with the solution.

Penguin_Internals Under the Hood of Flux Power’s 46-kilowatt, 48-volt lithium-iron phosphate battery array; highlighting the internals of the dual 24V battery modules.